🚵 Mountain biking is such a nice way to interact with the nature and friends.
it's also a great way to work out.
Bike and gear:
🚲 2021 Scott Spark 900 Expert Large
This is my first "real" mountain bike with double suspensions, dropper post and only 12 gears.
 Riding this bike the first time was a dream and a whole new experience compared with a "regular" bike. I believe that this bike is a perfect entry to the mountain bike world because it's not overly expensive and you get the most features that the more professional bikes have. It's also pretty lightweight (around 14kg) which is really convenient on the tracks and when you gotta store it.
I highly recommend this bike to beginners that want to test a double-damped bike.
 I'm 191cm and I think large works fine for me, I know they recommend you to have the XL frame if you're over 185cm but I've also heard that that frame could be a bit massive hand harder to control.
+/- Bike-features 
+ Double suspension with a "lock-feature"
+ Dropper post
+ Only 12 gears on the rear wheel (no gears at the pedals)
+ Pretty lightweight (14kg)
+ Much bike for the buck
 - I haven't really found any negative sides yet, because this bike is still so new to me